About MARC

Moxa Accredited Repair Centre (MARC) was established to guarantee that customers receive the convenience of local warranty repair of Moxa products.

Moxa identified Colterlec as having the necessary skills, experience & facilities required to become MARC-certified. As a result of successfully completing the rigorous training & testing, Colterlec was issued with the only MARC registration in the southern hemisphere – this means, Colterlec now can undertake warranty & non-warranty repairs on behalf of Moxa.

If you have a Moxa product in need of repair, whether it is under warranty or not, please contact Colterlec to obtain the RMA number & organise the return of the product for repair.


About MTSC

Moxa Technical Support Certification (MTSC) was established to ensure that customers around the world receive the most up-to-date, on-time assistance with their Moxa products. To obtain certification, engineers are required to attend regular training sessions led by Moxa's own technical support experts and must pass a difficult series of tests.

Colterlec has many MTSC-certified engineers, located across Australia, who can assist with your Moxa systems.


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