Since power and other utilities deliver services that are absolutely essential to modern society, it is critical that systems have rock-solid reliability and are easily maintained. Throughout the stages of generation, transmission, and distribution, Moxa products are used to help monitor substations and service cabinets, establish high-speed redundant network backbones, and provide wireless automatic meter reading.

Case Studies

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Using Moxa Ethernet Solutions to Create a Reliable Substation Automation System
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Remote monitoring of solar power meters over the Internet
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Efficient real-time data processing with PLCs in power automation
Svenska Kraftnät uses Ethernet to create secure transmission networks for substations
Power distributor uses Active Ethernet IO with Linux-based embedded computer for real-time SCADA system
Communication system for Xingtai power substation
Unmanned monitoring system for a seaport power substation
Ma Anshan thermal power plant DCS system
Wind farm system excels at remote monitoring and control
Ethernet switches interconnect award-winning wastewater treatment plant
Korean water treatment plant upgrades monitoring and control
Using Ethernet to network the Harbin wastewater treatment plant