Alpha Power Systems

Alpha Power Systems

Through innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence, Alpha Power Systems, with over 30 years of aggressive research and development, can ensure fast effective UPS system solutions. The Alpha Group products can be found in a diverse field of industries including broadband,

UPS Products

  • Black Knight
  • Vanguard
  • Trimod Series
  • RW 1-3kVA Dual R/T Mount
  • RW/ RAW Series 6K-10K 1+1

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telecom, wireless, renewable energy, distributed energy, utility, industrial, medical, security, parking, traffic control, access control and communication data.

UPS Size Selection

Selecting the appropriate UPS that fits your application perfectly is important. Therefore you need to consider the following questions before choosing a UPS System:

1. What is the load requirement?

To make sure that the UPS can handle the total electrical load of the equipment you want to connect to it, list all the equipment to be protected and add up the Watts. The Output Watt Capacity (Watts) of the UPS you're going to purchase should be 20-25% higher than that total to cover any future growth and to prevent the UPS from overloading. If some or all of your connected equipment is listed in Amps, simply multiply that number by the Voltage (typically 240V) to get Watts. Purchasing a UPS with an insufficient Watt Capacity may result in not being able to shut off your equipment safely in the event of a power anomaly.

2. What is the required runtime?

The number of minutes that the UPS will be able to provide power from the battery for a given load level is called runtime. It tells you how long your equipment will continue to run in case of a power outage. Connecting more equipment to the UPS will reduce the runtime. Adding battery packs or purchasing a UPS with a larger battery will result in extended runtimes.

3. Is extra protection in terms of Automatic Voltage Regulation required?

There are many different types of UPS to choose from, each having different product attributes. The two most popular ones are standby and line-interactive. The automatic voltage regulation function of line-interactive units regulates and corrects the incoming power from over- and under-voltages. The higher power consistency is reflected by longer service life cycles for the equipment.

Other details you might want to consider before selecting your UPS are:

- The number of outlets

How many items will be plugged into the UPS? How many will require data backup?

- Data Line surge protection

- Physical requirements of the UPS

There are styles and sizes to fit all kinds of environments, including low-profile, tower and under-monitor models.