APCS Signal Conditioning

APCS Signal Conditioning

Since commencing operations in 1982 APCS has become the leading Australian designer, manufacturer and supplier of reliable signal conditioning modules that have been installed across a wide range of applications including processing operations, factories, transport, building automation, mining, power generation, marine, research, environmental and primary production. All APCS products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards at Ness Corporation to ensure they meet the often demanding conditions expected from Australian and global customers. APCS has built a reputation for quality manufacture and prompt delivery of its products.

Many APCS products are stocked as standard products, and others can be tailored to meet a customer’s requirements based on our expertise in the field of signal conversion, isolation, amplification, splitting, and sensor monitoring.



The SL Series signal conditioning range is the next generation of isolators, splitters and transmitters now easier to use, smarter and simpler to install than ever.

SL332 Signal Conditioner



  • Instrument Calibrators

ACS043 AC Current Source
A755-016 CARRY CASE (Series 050 MK2)
FC051 Field Calibrator
A755-002 Plug Pack 240Vac/24Vdc
RTDS053 RTD Simulator
A755-003 Set Of Silicone Leads, 1m Long



  • DIN Rail or gear plate mounting
  • Common dimension of 52W x 70H x 110D mm
  • Polycarbonate MATERIAL case
  • IP40 protection class
  • Sturdy screw terminals on front with protective terminal covers

 ADA174 Absolute Differential Alarm 
APT193 Ac Active Phase Angle Trans.
ACT141 ac Current Transducer
APC153 Analogue To Pulse Converter
CDT128 Conductivity Transmitter
DTA137 Dual Trip Alarm

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  • DIN Rail mountable
  • Common dimensions of 23.5W x 71.5H x 109D mm
  • ABS case material
  • IP40 protection class
  • Sturdy Screw terminals on front with protective terminal covers

HVI237 5KV Isolator
ACT241 ac Current Transducer
APC253 Analogue to Pulse Converter
BSI234 Bipolar Signal Isolator
DCA218 dc Current Alarm
PS209 Dual Channel Power Supply

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  • Sturdy Screw terminals on front with protective terminal covers
  • DIN-Rail or gear plate mounting
  • Common dimensions of 110W x 70H x 100D mm
  • Abs/mostaform material case
  • IP40 protection class
  • High channel capacity reducing overall large system cost
AWT390 Ac Active Power Transducer
AVAT392 Ac Active VA Transducer
ART391 Ac Active VAR Transducer
EMU305 Eight Channel Multiplexer
MCT306 Multi-Input ac Transducer
MCA301 Multichannel Alarm


  • Screw terminals on rear
  • Front panel mounting
  • Common dimensions of 48 x 96 mm
  • Polycarbonate material case
  • IP54 protection class

LOS406 Panel Mount Auto/Manual Station
LOS405 Panel Mount Loading Station



  • Typically higher IP Protection Class
  • Field mount transmitters and sensors

ACR541 AC - Rectifier
PLR555 Pulse Repeater
SWT540 Resistance Transmitter
WT527 Strain Gauge Transmitter
TT503 Temperature Transmitter
WHT590 Watt-hour Transducer 1CH

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  • Internal Screw terminals
  • Wall or gear plate mounting
  • Common dimensions of 165W x 155H x 125D mm
  • High impact polystyrene case
  • IP54 protection rating
UPC612 Universal Process Controller PID


  • Extruded aluminium body and polycarbonate side covers
  • Common dimensions of 60/80W x 70H x 110D mm
  • DIN-Rail mounted
  • Removable Terminals
  • IP40 protection class

AM702 Access Module
COA703 Computer Adaptor
CDT728 Conductivity Transmitter
DSI732 Dual Isolator
PFC750 Pulse Frequency Converter
S709 Signal Conditioner
USC701 Universal Signal Conditioner

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  • Front panel mounting
  • Digital or Bar Graph Indication. Digital Panel Meters
  • Screw terminals or solder posts on rear
  • IP50 protection class (front)
DPMC32 4 Digit LED Indicator
DPMD32 4 Digit LED Indicator
DPM338 Digital Indicator
DPM6035 Digital Indicator
DPM6502 Digital Indicator 4-20mA LP
DPM4NS Digital Indicator 4-20mA LP


  • Environmental Sensors
RHT21FT Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
RHT23FT Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
RHT16 Humidity/Temperature TX
RC7852M Rain Collector
RHT10FT Room Humidity/Temperature Tx
SR6450 Solar Radiation Sensor
MU7911 Wind Speed + Direction Masthead Sensor

Series ACP

  • Sensors, Probes and probes with built-in transmitters

PR128-1 Conductivity Probe
HCT017 HALL Effect CT 100A
PRM608A11 Industrial Accelerometer With Cable 
PR105-1 Liquid Level Probe 3/8" BSP 1.5M tail
PRM10 pH / ORP Sensor, 1/2" MNPT
SCT010 Split Core CT 20-200A
SMS009 Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor

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