Beckhoff | Rugged Industrial PC’s

Beckhoff | Rugged Industrial PC’s

We are pleased to announce that we are a new partner for Beckhoff Industrial PC’s across Australia. Industrial PC’s perform diverse industrial tasks, such as controlling complex processes and applications, logistics systems, data acquisition, image processing and networking.

Industrial PC's

Beckhoff is a pioneer of PC-based automation. Their technology is built to the highest standards and proudly displays the ‘Made in Germany’ logo. Beckhoff design and manufacture their own equipment, guaranteeing the longevity, know-how and quality expected of a world-class brand.

So let's begin.

What Distinguishes an ‘Industrial’ PC?

Industrial PC’s differ from consumer PC’s in terms of ruggedness, reliability, performance, compatibility, expandability and long-term availability.

Industrial PC’s excel in harsh conditions, withstanding many factors:

  • Shock and vibration (5G, 0.5G ~5m/s)
  • High temperatures (0-55°C)
  • Dirt and humidity (IP65 rating)
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Rough handling

Industrial PC’s have become a central component on the manufacturing floor, why risk costly downtime by using a PC that is not industrial grade?

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High-End Design & High-End Performance

Industrial PC’s enable you to run powerful automation software, control complex applications and electrical systems with speed, efficiency and reliability.

Best of all, we’ve worked with Beckhoff to create a selection of bundled PC packages, making it easy for you to choose an industrial PC solution.

Let's take a closer look at what's on offer:

The Multi-Touch Panel PC’s are designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet (CP22xx) or on a mounting arm system (CP32xx). The Control Cabinet PC’s are designed for space-saving control cabinet installations. Aluminium and Stainless Steel display options are also included.

Industrial PC Bundles

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All of the Beckhoff industrial PC bundles feature:

  • Screens that are water resistant up to IP65
  • Proven cooling concept via rigorous testing
  • Intel embedded processors (CPU)
  • Motherboard: thermally optimised design, additional on-board interfaces, mini PCI on-board, high current USB (500 mA), EtherCAT compatible

With decades of technical experience and rigorous testing, Beckhoff guarantees mechanical stability.

Industrial PC’s vs PLC’s

The use of Industrial PC’s has been on the rise in a number of applications, with accelerated innovation blurring the line between the two technologies.

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