Bircher | Safety Mats, Edges & Motion Sensor Systems

Bircher | Safety Mats, Edges & Motion Sensor Systems

Pressure Sensitive Safety & Motion Systems

Bircher Reglomat develops innovative sensing solutions for safety systems in the realm of safety edges and pressure sensitive safety mats to detect the presence of operators near hazardous machines and forklifts, as well as sensor systems to detect people for automatic doors & gates.

Bircher brings Swiss quality and design, producing a wide range of sensors from microwave radar, active infrared, passive infrared, photocells and pressure wave.

Bircher Reglomat Australian Partner

You'll find a selection of popular Bircher products to browse and purchase on our website. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service Team to enquire about the complete range.

Safety Mats, Edges & Switching Units

Safety Mats and Safety Edges

Industrial Collision, Edge & Surface Protection
Innovative safety solutions for monitoring danger zones around robots, machines and hazardous areas. Providing protection and security for people and objects and protecting machines from malfunctions. The strictest manufacturing quality standards ensures high reliability. The range boats proven, sturdy and reliably functioning solutions:

  • Safety Mats
  • Stepping Mats
  • Safety Edges
  • Switching units for safe monitoring

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Automatic Industrial Doors & Gates

Doors and Gates


  • Sliding Doors
  • Swing Doors
  • Revolving Doors

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Automatic Pedestrian Doors


  • Sliding Gates
  • Vertical and Folding Doors
  • Parking Systems


Public Transport


Bircher sensors open and close doors safely and reliably, and are integrated into the vehicle design. Sensors serve as safety components for the protection of people and property and are also used in a variety of convenience and comfort solutions.

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Specialising in developing and manufacturing activation and safety sensors, Bircher’s mission is to create innovative safety solutions that ensure people are not injured or vehicles damaged by gates and doors, hazardous machinery, or dangerous shearing and closing edges.

Technical Sales & Service Support

We've been providing Australian customers with access to Bircher products for many years, and we are committed to the successful implementation of your new technology. With a knowledgeable in-house technical support team that is very experienced with Bircher products, we can provide assistance for complex applications - we've seen nearly every scenario there is.