Contrinex Sensors | Exceptional Reliability

Contrinex Sensors | Exceptional Reliability

Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of proximity sensors - inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic & capacitive. The range is represented in over 60 countries, with headquarters located in Switzerland.

Contrinex Inductive Sensors Australian Partner

Contrinex Inductive Sensors

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Contrinex pride themselves on delivering uncompromising accuracy & exceptional reliability. The strictest quality standards are applied to every Contrinex sensor, ensuring consistent performance.


Highly Robust Washdown Sensors

Contrinex Washdown inductive sensors offer highly robust solutions for the harshest environments. These sensors are certified to operate continuously and reliably in the food, beverage, marine and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring uninterrupted production.

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  • Ecolab approved & rated to IP68 and IP69K
  • Pressure resistant up to 80 bar, food safe and corrosion resistant
  • Withstand both aggressive cleaning and high-pressure water jets
  • Full Inox, one-piece stainless steel construction in M12, M18 & M30 housings
  • Food-grade sensors are available with
  • IO-Link, a standardised serial connection protocol, providing digital communication in wash down areas at no additional cost

Everyday Industrial Sensor Applications

Filling Machines

Filling Machine ApplicationsFilling machines are common in many industries, including materials handling, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, often operating continuously around the clock.

Industrial sensors detect containers, lids, labels and caps, measure fill levels and play a vital role in keeping automated filling equipment running reliably, accurately and with minimal downtime. Choosing robust, high-quality sensors is essential to maximise operational efficiency.

Packaging Machines

Packaging Machine Applications

Packaging protects all types of products.

Automation helps to minimise the cost impact of bringing them to target markets in the best possible condition.

Reducing manufacturing costs and ensuring environmental sustainability are key objectives for choosing sensors to maximise efficiency while ensuring reliable, repeatable operation.

Machine Tools

Machine Tool Applications

Machine tools impose harsh operating conditions on the sensors needed to control cutting, forming and joining processes that run continuously in many metalworking factories.

Common hazards include cutting fluid, cooling sprays, swarf particles and electromagnetic interference, making sensor selection particularly difficult when performance is essential. The right sensors contribute to efficient production, without interruption or error.

Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment Applications

Repairing and servicing equipment on site can be difficult and costly.

Exposure to dirt and dust, impact, vibration, seawater, corrosive chemicals and extremes of temperature and pressure are all part of a regular day’s work.

Robust, highly reliable sensors are vital for continuous operation in environments that may be challenging in the extreme.