Danfoss | The World Leader in Dedicated Drives

Danfoss | The World Leader in Dedicated Drives

Variable Speed Drives: Increasingly Important for Optimising Motor Operation

Why? VSD's are being used in an expanding range of applications, with the following objectives:

  • Factory automation: Continuously escalating demand for factory throughput leading to a higher degree of automation implies a growing need for variable speed solutions.
  • Process control: Improved process control often requires variable speed motor control and leads to more precise control, higher throughput, or comfort, depending on the application.
  • Energy efficiency: Converting from fixed to variable speed in applications with varying load, delivers a step change in energy savings.

Danfoss VLT Drives enable customers to have easy and efficient control of any application powered by an AC motor. The Danfoss VLT range covers a full spectrum of drive applications, including dedicated solutions for specific industries. Further down, you'll see the various models.

Danfoss Drives

So let's begin, Danfoss offers:

  • Smooth and precise electronic speed control
  • High quality modular components
  • Millions of hardware configurations possible
  • Reliable assembly and careful testing
  • Models rated up to IP66

We are the authorised Danfoss Industry Sales Partner for the greater Sydney Region and throughout Victoria and South Australia. You can rest assured that we will support you with product and technical expertise.

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Robust Drives for Demanding Environments

Extreme conditions affect equipment reliability, and ultimately the efficiency and productivity of operations. Substantially improve operational efficiency by choosing technologies that have been developed to exceptionally perform in harsh operating conditions.

Danfoss VLT Automation Drives (FC-302) offer motor independent technology, which ensures easy and efficient control of AC induction, AC permanent magnet or AC synchronous reluctance motors. Automation Drives are rated at up to 160% motor overload continuously, ensuring that they are the most robust drives on the market.

Increase Efficiency - Major Energy Savings

Variable speed drives regulate the speed of an electric motor. Controlling an application - a fan, pump, compressor, centrifuge or hoist, provides an important benefit: major energy savings. Applications need less energy when idle or operating with partial loads.

Intelligent Safe Stop - Safety Installations

Safe Stop and Safe Torque Off are safety functions that are built-in as standard on the Automation Drive models. Safe Stop is also available by custom configuration on the HVAC and AQUA drives.

Customise Your Drive

The Danfoss Drive Configurator is an easy tool to generate the correct part number, based on your unique requirements. Once you have your part number, contact our Customer Service team for a quote.

Danfoss Drive Configurator


Danfoss Automation Drives     Danfoss Micro Drives Danfoss Motion Control Tool

VLT Automation Drives
Exceptionally adaptable & programmable

VLT Micro Drives
A small drive with maximum strength & reliability

VLT Motion Control Tool
Free Software Download

Danfoss HVAC Drives     Danfoss AQUA Drives Danfoss 2800 Drives

Dedicated HVAC with built-in intelligence

Dedicated to water & wastewater applications

VLT 2800 Series
Developed for the low power market

Danfoss Decentral Drives     Danfoss OneGearDrive Danfoss Soft Starters

VLT Decentral Drives
Mount drives near or directly on the motor

VLT OneGearDrive
Designed especially for the Food & Beverage industry

VLT Soft Starters
Motor starting solutions


We invite you to book an appointment to learn more about Danfoss Variable Speed Drives, and discuss your unique requirements.