Datalogic | Industrial Identification Solutions

Datalogic | Industrial Identification Solutions

Automating the Identification Process

Datalogic industrial barcode scanners & readers reliably track items through the manufacturing process. Many identification processes can leverage automation for increased efficiency & fewer errors - picking processes, quality control, packaging machines, parts tracking, small conveyors & warehousing.

Datalogic Barcode Readers

We are an Elite Quality Partner for the Datalogic industrial identification range of barcode scanners and readers across Australia. 

Innovative Barcode Scanners and Readers

Datalogic manufactures the world’s most comprehensive range of fixed-mount and omnidirectional barcode readers. The full range includes laser scanners and image-based readers, with the capability to read a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes, allowing you to choose the optimum scanner for your application.

Your One Stop Shop for Industrial Identification

 We've got you covered from high-speed, high-performance readers for the most demanding applications, to linear readers for simple identification processes.

  • We can supply the full Datalogic Identification range

Technical Consultation & Integration Services

Our team of in-house specialists will support you with business and technical expertise, delivering solutions that incorporate the latest technology.

  • Needs Analysis
  • System Design
  • Programming & Configuration
  • Networking
  • PLC / SCADA / MES Integration

Equipped with PLC and HMI knowledge for data-rich applications, our team is experienced with the creation of program logic to handle specific sorting applications. Examples include data concentration and data augmentation to assist with integration into production, plant and enterprise business systems.

Barcode Reader Case Study: Robot Sorting Coded Samples

Robot Sorting Coded Samples

An industrial robot sorts and places barcoded samples into coded bins with the aid of a lightweight, high-performance Matrix 300N industrial barcode reader.

The reader is mounted on the end of the robot arm, alongside the gripper. Due to the positioning of the reader, the robot is able to scan the barcode on the sample in the same movement as picking up the sample.

The robot will then move directly to place the sample in the correct bin. This is faster than the alternative of mounting the barcode reader in a fixed position, requiring the robot to always move to that fixed point before placing the sample in its sorting bin.

What makes this so special?

  • Lightweight readerbetter robot performance. The small reader can be mounted on the robot arm, fitting into the small available space and adding minimal weight. Positioning the scanner on the gripper means more efficient robot path planning.
  • PoEfewer cables, less cable cost. Simplified cable routing within the internal cable path of the robot means faster installation and less risk of cable damage.
  • Ethernet/IPdirect connection to the PLC without additional interface modules. Lower cost, less complexity, fewer points of failure. Simpler to set up and easier to maintain.

And here are the full details:

Using the PoE (power over Ethernet) interface on the Matrix 300 allows a single cable to carry both power and signal to the barcode reader, simplifying the complex task of feeding interface cables through the internal cable path within the robot. Traditional readers would require two cables, one for power and one for signals. A single cable also simplifies the replacement of worn cables. The built-in Ethernet/IP interface allows direct connection to the system PLC, without additional modules or protocol convertors.

The rotatable connector block allows maximum flexibility to mount the reader within the restricted space around the robot gripper. On-board lighting ensures a compact and lightweight solution, resulting in better robot performance.

We invite you to book an appointment to learn more about how the Datalogic range can bring efficiencies to your operations, and discuss your unique requirements.