Predict Encoder Faults With Integrated Diagnostics

Predict Encoder Faults With Integrated Diagnostics

An encoder is often used in large complex machinery, a central component for speed feedback with the entire system being dependent on its function. Reliability is critical at all times.

Predict Faults Before They Happen

Detect faults before they occur with continuous monitoring of an encoder’s key functions. Capture detailed operational data - analyse trends for vibration, temperature and more!

Leine & Linde’s ADS-Online diagnostic system detects faults at such an early stage that the encoder can continue to perform its function in most instances. The replacement of the encoder can then be organised at the next planned maintenance shut-down.

Let's take a closer look at what the diagnostic system offers:

  • Diagnostics system that constantly monitors the encoder’s key functions, fully integrated. 
  • Receive a warning immediately when an impending fault is detected - automatic fault interpretation determines the seriousness of the fault and categorises it into various status levels. 
  • Monitoring of ambient environmental parameters for notification of harmful conditions
  • Continual storage of operational data - analyse trends for vibration, temperature and more. 
  • Associated PC software with the capability to set custom warning levels & view graphical analysis of the environmental parameters during operation. 
  • The encoder can connect to an Ethernet network to provide access to diagnostics and analysis from anywhere in the world.

Constant Encoder Function Monitoring

• Vibration • Temperature • Frequency • Shaft Speed • Supply Voltage 

Constant Encoder Function Monitoring

Intelligent Interpretation of Faults

An important function in ADS Online is that the system conducts automatic interpretation and analysis of each detected fault. The analysis determines the seriousness of the fault and sorts it into one of four categories based on the encoder’s condition. The system also provides notification of a recommended measure that should be taken to prevent problems.

The encoder’s various status levels are indicated by an LED in one of four states.

  • Steady green – normal state, full functionality.
  • Flashing green – Warning, risk for fault due to harmful ambient environment. Recommendation to check the installation and correct deficiencies.
  • Flashing red – Serious alarm, impending fault. Replacement of the encoder is recommended during the next shut-down for service.
  • Steady red – Critical alarm, no function. Immediate replacement of the encoder is necessary.

Track Trends of Operating Conditions

What is the machine’s environment like where the encoder is installed? Has it changed with time?
ADS-Online enables graphical analysis of the encoder’s operating conditions over time – observe developments regarding vibration, temperature, frequency, shaft speed and supply voltage.

Operating Conditions

Choose Your Communication Channel

ADS-Online sends information about the encoder’s status via several different channels in parallel. This provides extremely flexible connection opportunities.

Flexible Connection Opportunities

Obtain information via the channel that suits you best:

  • Fault indication visually via an LED
  • Fault indication on-demand via a signal cable
  • Detailed data about each fault from any location via an Ethernet network

We invite you to book an appointment to learn more about the Leine & Linde ADS-Online diagnostic system, and discuss your unique requirements.