Fortress | Flexible Machine Control & Safety in One

Fortress | Flexible Machine Control & Safety in One

Cost-Effective Trapped Key Safety System with Machine Control

Ideal for light-duty machine applications - packaging machines, robotic cells and palletising systems.

The Fortress Interlocks tGard is an innovative approach to controlling access to hazardous machinery and equipment. Fortress tGard has the flexibility to be configured to your needs, with almost unlimited configurations housed in a robust metal body.

Fortress tGard Range      Fortress tGard Australia
  • Robust IP65 metal body
  • Customisable
  • Easy to install: quick disconnect 
  • Safety gate switches
  • Trapped key interlocks
  • Operator controls

Choose from a range of tGard elements: selector switches, safety switches (solenoid and non solenoid), personnel keys, emergency release, push buttons, e-stops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors. These elements are simply selected and then assembled into a robust housing, suitable for mounting onto machine guarding, providing the user with an exact configuration specific to the application.

It's a compact metal bodied system that enables the configuration of various safety products - electrical safety gate switches (with or without guard locking), mechanical trapped key interlocks, and electrical operator controls, either as separate devices or integrated into one device.

tGard is quick and easy to install with Quick Disconnects as standard and can be mounted directly onto a flat surface, doors or extruded aluminium profiles without the need for mounting plates or brackets.

Light-Duty Machine Applications

Modern automated packaging machines often use robots to handle bigger payloads by picking up complete layers of product for packing. The main danger associated with palletisers is the lack of visibility - a maintenance person can go into the guarded area to undertake work and may not be seen. The door can easily be closed and the machine restarted, resulting in possible injury or death. 

The Fortress tGard has been designed to be fully compliant with the latest local (AS 4024) and international machinery safety standards (ISO 13849).

Heavy-Duty Industrial Machine Applications

For mechanical and electrical industrial applications, view the premium range of Fortress solutions.

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