Joslyn Clark

Joslyn Clark

As the world leader in vacuum contactors, starters and controllers, Joslyn Clark is dedicated to continually raising the bar for industry standards of in life safety and fire protection. Distributed through more than 270 dedicated electrical and industrial distributors, the Joslyn Clark brand is renowned across the globe for superior quality, unbeatable value and impeccable customer service.

The Joslyn Clark line of low and medium voltage vacuum contactors utilizes numerous safety features to assure efficiency and effectiveness. The vacuum contactors provide for a compact design that has unique features and offers numerous safety benefits, resulting in a simple, safe, and maintenance-free starter for the mining industry.

Available in different sizes and currents, Joslyn Clark's series of USAVAC® vacuum contactor products enclose the power contacts inside a vacuum chamber. This design feature makes the vacuum contactor more resistant to harsh environments, compact, quiet, and long-lived.

Joslyn Clark's vacuum contactor products are fully phase-insulated. In addition, all materials that go into a Joslyn Clark vacuum contactor are subjected to rigorous chemical and analytical testing. Their vacuum contactor uses high alumina ceramics for their high temperature and favorable out-gassing characteristics. Contact materials are selected for transient voltage generation control.

Additionally, these Joslyn Clark vacuum contactor products are assembled in a clean-room environment and final degaussing is performed in a one step process at a high temperature to ensure a higher degree of vacuum.

Joslyn Clark USAVAC family of vacuum contactors offers a variety of contactors and starters for motor, transformer, and capacitor switching. They comply with National NEMA, NEC, UL, and International CSA standards.