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Kraus & Naimer

Renowned for product and service excellence, Kraus & Naimer (Aus) has been proudly serving Australian Industry since 1959. Kraus & Naimer in Australia are part of the industry leading global Kraus & Naimer Group, whose worldwide sales and manufacturing sites produce in excess of four million switches each year. Kraus & Naimer (Aus) products are mostly Australian or New Zealand manufactured and assembled for the Australian market.  This combines the benefit of local content and production, and facilitates the prompt supply of orders. 

Our customers are supported by dedicated and professional staff in manufacturing, sales and service facilities across the nation.  We also have a number of distribution partnerships and agencies to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Kraus & Naimer’s systems and switches meet the most stringent of international and Australian specifications and standards. Current models have been tested locally and meet MIL Standard shock and vibration requirements.

Kraus & Naimer switches are suitable for applications from PLC control circuits through to general control and instrumentation to power changeover, PV Solar Disconnectors, UPS bypass, motor control, power safety isolation and local control stations.  Switches are available in standard or special configuration at short notice, with a number of options including contactors & overloads, pushbuttons, pilot lights, terminals, wiring and enclosures (plastic, metal & 316 stainless steel).

Kraus & Naimer switches are widely utilised in markets such as Infrastructure (Rail, Power, Water), Mining (Coal, Gold, Copper, Diamond), Food Industry (Dairy, Sugar, Breweries), Clean Energy (PV Solar, Wind Farms, Ethanol) and the special lock market.  We have also developed many industry specific solutions to meet our clients’ existing and emerging needs.


Rotary Cam Switches - Panel mounting

  • On/Off Switches
  • Changeover Switches
  • Binary Coded Decimal Switches
  • Step Switches
  • Stop/Start Switches
  • Motor Reversing Switches
  • Meter Switches

Rotary Cam Switches - Optional Extras


KG Main Switches - Padlockable Panel Mount, Enclosed Plastic or Stainless Steel

  • Panel mount padlockable KG Main Switch
  • Plastic Enclosed padlockable KG Main Switch
  • Stainless Steel Enclosed padlockable KG Main Switch

KG Main Switches - Base mounted Padlockable Main Switch with Extension Shafts