Leine & Linde | Robust Encoders for Harsh Environments

Leine & Linde | Robust Encoders for Harsh Environments

Premium Encoders: Engineered & Manufactured in Sweden

What Does Precision Mean To You?

Leine & Linde Encoders

For us, it means being accurate and exact in every operation. Leine & Linde is a modern company with its roots in Swedish industrial traditions, strongly characterised by an inquisitive and quality-oriented culture of engineers.

Leine & Linde speed and position encoders are found throughout the world operating in the toughest of conditions: extreme environments where vibrations, moisture, interference, heat and cold demand exceptional requirements in terms of material and design.

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Extremely Reliable in Tough Applications

Leine & Linde is suitable for many different types of applications, such as on electrical motors in the mining, paper, bulk material processing and steel industries, on cranes and material handling systems as well as various types of measurement, testing and inspection systems.

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Encoder Technology

Leine & Linde Australian Partner

We are the Australian partner for Leine & Linde, with access to the complete range. Leine & Linde also has a large range of accessories, such as shaft couplings, connectors, measuring wheels and various types of mounting brackets. Plus, several types of gateway for adapting signals. A gateway is used and can convert its signals for a different desired interface, e.g. optical signals or PROFIBUS.

Types of Encoders

Choose from either incremental or absolute. An incremental encoder usually generates a series of pulses in response to a linear or rotary position. These pulses can be used to measure speed or be fed to a PLC or counter to keep track of a relative position.

Absolute rotary encoders generate a position value that indicates the actual position of the encoder shaft directly. A major benefit of absolute encoders is that if the application loses power, the encoder is able to keep track of its position, even if the shaft is turned during the power loss. An absolute encoder can also be used to calculate a digital speed value.

Encoder Spotlight: 300 Series - Miniature


The Leine & Linde 300 Series Miniature is a general purpose encoder, specially designed for installations where space is restricted.

A robust, IP67 design gives it a very high resistance to shock and vibration – ensuring a long service life.

  • European quality, yet economical
  • Diameter 30mm
  • Incremental and solid shaft
  • Supports various incremental electrical interfaces

Know About Faults Before Failures Happen!

Encoder Analytics

The ADS-Online diagnostic system detects faults in encoders before they occur with continuous monitoring of key functions. Capture data and analyse trends for vibration, temperature, frequency, shaft & speed.


Basic technical knowledge is necessary in order to obtain optimal performance.

Leine & Linde Encoders

Case Studies

Technical Consultation & Integration Services

Our team of in-house technical experts will support you with business and technical expertise, delivering solutions that incorporate the latest technology.

  • Needs Analysis
  • System Design
  • Programming & Configuration
  • Networking
  • PLC / SCADA / MES Integration