Download Your Free Machine Safety Checklist

Download Your Free Machine Safety Checklist

Australian laws require machines to be safe. Aside from the moral obligation to avoid harming workers, there are sound economic reasons for avoiding accidents.

Machine safety is therefore an essential part of efficient manufacturing operations. Improving your safety standards and productivity in today’s competitive manufacturing environment requires specific solutions implementing the latest and cutting-edge technology, products and standards.

Regular machine safety audits help to ensure your operations meet the requirements of safety standards. We've created a checklist to help you evaluate how well you are currently managing machine safety. Here's your free download:

Download Your Free Machine Safety Checklist

Services we offer in Machine Safety

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We pride ourselves on taking a practical approach to machine safety and provide solutions that are not only aimed at making the machinery safe to work with, but also improving productivity.

We provide a complete safety auditing service, with advice and expertise to enable you to implement appropriate machine safety solutions. We offer effective solutions to help keep your workplace safe and efficient, while meeting your obligations for AS 4024.1.

  • Risk assessment and solutions recommendations
  • Safety system review and analysis
  • Verification/validation of hazard control
  • Safety procedure and development
  • Isolation and lockout/tag-out review

In-House Certified Machinery Safety Expert - CMSE® (TÜV Nord)

Our National Projects Manager, is a Certified Machinery Safety Expert by CMSE® (TÜV Nord), a global qualification enabling a 360° approach to machine safety.

You can rest assured that we will support you with legislation and standards knowledge, and help you choose and implement the right solutions.

We welcome you to book an appointment to discuss your unique safety requirements.