Moxa Connection August 2018

Moxa Connection August 2018

Feature Article

Simplifying Collaboration between Machines and Operators

Even though most factories would like to be fully automated, the initial financial investment often means it is not feasible. Instead, most factories adopt semi-automation, whereby humans make the decisions and the repetitive, high-risk work is performed by machines. This working model improves efficiency and reduces risks. Read on to discover how Moxa’s solution helped a factory take their first step towards automation.

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Key Considerations for Designing Industrial Io T Networks

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industries now have more opportunities to become more productive, more efficient, and more dynamic. However, many applications still have to overcome several networking challenges before they can really reap the benefits of the IIoT. A successful IIoT strategy is driven by a number of key factors related to connectivity. We take an in-depth look at three of these key points. 

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Applications and Success Stories 

Arm Linux IIoT Gateway Applications for Renewable Energy

Enabling mass Customization in an Interconnected Factory 


Resource List

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