Moxa Spotlight May 2018

Moxa Spotlight May 2018

Latest Developments 

Effortless Access to Your Remote Machines

Our new innovative cloud-based solution—Moxa Remote Connect—facilitates easy, secure, and flexible remote access to your machines and equipment, opening a world of new possibilities to you. 

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Boost Productivity with Industrial Wireless Connectivity

Download our Industrial Wireless Application Brochure, which illustrates how Moxa’s industrial Wi-Fi and cellular products are designed to boost productivity and flexibility in different industrial applications. 

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Ensure Data Completeness with Moxa's Smart I/O

Check out our tech note, which explains how Moxa’s smart data acquisition method helps shrink the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to ensure data completeness, enhancing the quality of big data. 

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Futureproof Your Edge Computing Applications

Our Arm-based IIoT gateways come with 10-year, long-term Linux support. Download our brochure to find out how Moxa's UC Series IIoT Gateways are a trusted choice for your IIoT applications. 

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Cellular LTE Gateways Make Remote Access Easy

Moxa’s new OnCell G3150A-LTE gateway, coupled with the OnCell Central Manager (OCM) tool, helps you implement high-performance long-distance network applications easily and efficiently. 

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Resource Links

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White Paper10 Frequently Asked Questions when Choosing an IIoT Gateway 

ApplicationA Total IEC 61850 MMS Solution for Substations 

New Products

Moxa Remote connect - Remote connection management platform for secure remote access 

ThingsPro 2.3 - IIoT gateway and device management software solution