Moxa Spotlight October 2018

Moxa Spotlight October 2018

Interoperability is the key to linking varied devices and systems into a cohesive and smarter whole, whether it is for an automated factory or a smart ship. Moxa is connecting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with solutions that make interoperability easy and painless. This month, we turn the spotlight on solutions that simplify edge-to-cloud integration, extend marine automation with cloud service delivery, offer multiple media conversions, and make mass customization possible across production lines. 


Latest Developments

Simplify Edge-to-Cloud Integration

Discover how Moxa's IIoT Edge Gateways effortlessly simplify the integration of edge data and cloud services in a wide variety of applications.

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Our IIoT Blueprint for Smart Ships

We have created a blueprint that extends mission-critical marine automation with cloud service delivery to improve maritime operations. 

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Media Converters for Every Combination

Our wide range of media converters converts serial to serial, serial to fiber, fieldbus to fiber, and Ethernet to fiber—meeting any media conversion

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Manufacturing Strategies for Mass Customization

In the Industry 4.0 era, our solutions help manufacturers carry out multiple production strategies, allowing them to react quicker to changing consumer demands. 

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