Moxa provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation, and maintains a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Our products have connected over 30 million devices worldwide in a wide range of applications, including factory automation, smart rail, smart grid, intelligent transportation, oil & gas, marine, and mining. By continually improving staff expertise in a variety of technologies and markets, we aim to be the first choice for industrial automation solutions.


Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Moxa's Industrial Ethernet Solutions are specialized in automation network convergence that unifies various industrial networks with Ethernet-centric wired, wireless and security connectivity into one integrated network architecture. The solutions provide edge-to-core coverage with proven reliability, non-stop redundancy, WAN/VLAN security, plant-wide integration and visualized management

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Industrial Computing

Moxa's industrial computers are able to withstand extremely hot and cold environments, typically featuring a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C. This means our computers can withstand extremely harsh environments. To achieve this remarkable durability, Moxa's hardware and software solutions utilize high-quality components, system throttling software, self-warming systems, and advanced heat dissipation

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Serial Connectivity

With 25 years of experience in industrial networking solutions, Moxa offers reliable and innovative serial connectivity solutions with superior and sustained value. Moxa assists customers in finding perfect-fit solutions for industrial applications, such as factory automation, transportation automation, power automation, utility automation, kiost/ATM/POS systems, and more. To remain commited to you,  Moxa pledges to provide industry-leading services for extended availability for products, software, and services.

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IP Surveillance

Moxa’s IP cameras deliver unparalleled reliability thanks to their exceptional tolerance of extreme temperatures. The VPort 36 can run comfortably in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C without using any fans or heaters. These industrial-grade IP cameras capture brilliant HD images and deliver reliable video streaming in any environment, from snowy mountains to scorching deserts and everything in between. This ruggedness allows these VPort cameras to excel in oil and gas, rolling stock, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications. 

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Remote Automation

Industrial environments have many hazards, and equipment used for industrial applications must be able to withstand harsh conditions

  • Ability to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures

  • Immunity from electromagnetic interference

  • Ability to withstand vibration, impacts, dust, humidity, and corrosive environments

  • Compliant with industrial certification standards

  • Long-term durability

Moxa's ruggedized data acquisition devices satisfy all of these industrial requirements and can be used as part of automation infrastructures that operate in harsh industrial environments