Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact provides innovative products and solutions for all aspects of electrical engineering and automation.

Phoenix Contact specialises in the control cabinet, field installation, device and connection technology, and systems and solutions. The products can be used in a range of areas including traffic infrastructure, E-Mobility, water infrastructure, regenerative energies, and intelligent supply and networks or energy-efficient machine building and systems manufacturing.

The Phoenix Contact Group have one clear mission: “To offer you the best possible solution for your electrical engineering tasks”. This, teamed with Colterlec’s mission “to provide our stakeholders with quality services and solutions that exceed their expectations – every single time”, is sure to fulfil your needs!


Connection Tech for Field Devices

Assemble your plug-in connections yourself or use pre-   assembled cable versions. In addition to the complete range for field installation, Phoenix Contact offers cables for copper and  FO cabling as well as solutions for photovoltaics and  E-Mobility.

Safeguard the operation of your systems: with a complete range of products and solutions for the connection of sensors and actuators.

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Industrial Communication Technology

Professional automation for your system: I/O devices from Phoenix Contact are the ideal solution for data transfer at input and output level. Regardless of whether in the field, or in the control cabinet, as an adaptable modular system or in block design, and whichever network or protocol you prefer – with us you get the right I/Os.

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Interface Technology

Use monitoring products from Phoenix Contact to monitor the correct operation of your system. They allow you to detect malfunctions at an early stage and take appropriate action before they result in a breakdown or failure.

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Marking Systems and Tools

Our range is optimally tailored to your needs: Standard marking with preprinted labels or individual labelling using our printing systems.

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PCB Terminal Blocks

Whether you use a screw connection or push-in spring connection, as a PCB terminal block or easy-to- maintain connector, for two to 24 positions: the comprehensive COMBICON product range offers the right connection technology for transmitting signals, data or power for almost every application.

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Phoenix Contact makes safety easy. From conventional safety relays to complex controllers – all safety products are easy to install and configure. Functional safety means for you: reliable protection for people and machinery.

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Surge Protection and UPS

High-frequency, low-energy interference can be smoothed and eliminated using interference filters. Meanwhile, lightning and surge protective devices provide protection against transient and high-energy voltage peaks.

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Terminal Blocks

Irrespective of whether you opt for the screw, spring- cage, push-in, fast or bolt connection: all these connection technologies can be freely combined with each other, with the same accessories thanks to the double function shaft.

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