The Siemens Industry Sector is the world's leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions for industrial companies.

End-to-end automation technology and industrial software, solid market expertise, and technology-based services are the levers they use to increase customers’ productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Siemens consistently relies on integrated technologies and, thanks to their bundled portfolio, they can respond more quickly and flexibly to their customers' wishes. Market launch times can be reduced by up to 50% due to the combination of powerful automation technology and intelligent industrial software from Siemens Industry. At the same time, the costs for energy or waste water for a manufacturing company can be reduced significantly. In this way, Siemens increases their customers’ competitive strength and makes an important contribution to environmental protection with their energy-efficient products and solutions.


Siemens Industrial Automation

The world of automation is in constant movement. The industry is right on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution and Automation is being followed by the digitalisation of production. The goal is an increase of productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness for companies on their way to the future of industry.


Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

TIA Creates Added Value, In All Automation Tasks Totally Integrated Automation describes the efficient interoperability of all automation components. The open system architecture covers the entire production process and is based on the consistent presence of shared characteristics: consistent data management, global standards, and uniform hardware and software interfaces. These shared characteristics minimise engineering time. The result: lower costs, reduced time to market, and greater flexibility.


SIMATIC by Siemens is one of the world's leading industrial automation systems. It includes a range of industrial automation products designed to accommodate a large variety of tasks. Flexible and cost-effective, the SIMATIC system is ideally suited to manage the ever-growing demands the manufacturing and process industry requires of today’s machines and systems.

SIMATIC is a unique, integrated system designed for deployment with all manufacturing applications and among all industries. Whether you require manufacturing, process automation, or solutions for infrastructure tasks, SIMATIC can become a major contributor in helping increase your productivity. SIMATIC is the core of Totally Integrated Automation. Its scalability allows users to customise to their own unique requirements very quickly and cost-efficiently, providing genuine forward compatibility for maximum investment protection.

ET200 I/O Systems

SIMATIC ET 200 systems are multifunctional, modular and precisely scalable systems for distributed automation. Siemens distributed I/O systems are ideal in control cabinets, at the machine, and in hazardous explosive areas. All products within the range can be integrated into your existing automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

SITOP Power Supplies

Siemens SITOP switched mode power supply units are globally recognised for their high reliability and for coping with critical network conditions. The full range of switched mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages. The unique spectrum of DC-UPS and expansion modules extends the Siemens power supply range to protect 24 Volt supply.

S7-1500 PLC Advanced

The Advanced Controller SIMATIC S7-1500 is ideal for medium-sized to high-end machine applications with high demands on performance, communication, flexibility and technological features. There are various CPU types for multiple performance classes available. The range is strengthened with a wide range of motion control add-ons such as cam disks and constant velocity, as well as the possibility to execute C/C++ code.


Siemens Process Instruments

Measuring, positioning, recording and controlling are key parameters for all industrial processes. Thus, top priorities for process instruments are achieving high levels of precision and absolute reliability. Process instrumentation from Siemens satisfies these demands and provides an efficient means to increase plant efficiency and improve product quality.


Pressure Measurement - The right pressure transmitter for every industry

A pressure transmitter always must be tailored to meet the specific requirements of process, infrastructure and ambient conditions. To meet these needs, Siemens offers the SITRANS P pressure transmitter line, a complete family of pressure measuring products with different levels of performance, varying load capacities, and ranges of materials.


Flow Measurement - The right flow meter for every application

Using the right flow meter for specific applications can significantly improve productivity. This is why Siemens offers a comprehensive selection of electromagnetic, Coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, rotary piston and differential pressure flowmeters. Regardless of your industry, we can provide you with the ideal flow meter.


Level Measurement - Reliable & precise

Siemens offers a unique and comprehensive range of contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for point level and continuous level measurement. Our intelligent level measurement devices are characterised by extreme precision and reliability, proven in countless installations in the process industry worldwide.



SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in a wide range of process industries. The proven all-round design has a particularly flexible stroke range, intelligent diagnostics, and communicates either via HART, PROFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus. What has been proven so often is certainly the correct choice.



Siemens Flexible Cables

Specially design for industrial applications that demand highly flexible, long-lasting, quality cables.
At Siemens, quality is their priority.  Not only do their cables benefit from world-renowned German engineering, all products are manufactured in Germany where rigorous process controls are combined with the highest quality of materials to guarantee a superior end product. Choose from a wide range of cables to suit your specific applications such as:

  • Flexible elastomer cables
  • High-temperature cables
  • PVC data and control cables
  • Crane, reeling and hoist cables
  • Mining and high voltage reeling cables

Siemens flexible cables are supplied in accordance with the following Australian standards:

  • AS 1125 Conductors in Flexible Cables and Cords
  • AS 3191 Electric Flexible Cords 250V, 440V and 0.6/1kV
  • AS/NZ 3008.1.1:2009 Cable Selection 0.6/1kV
  • AS 1802 Cables for Underground Mining (Reeling)
  • AS 5000 Electric cables – polymeric insulation 0.6/1 (1-2kV)
  • AS 2802 Cables for Above Ground (open cut) Mining
  • AS 1660 Test Methods for Cables
  • AS 1429 Electric cables – polymeric insulation working voltages 3.3/33kV

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