Telco | Durable Sensors for Harsh Environments

Telco | Durable Sensors for Harsh Environments

Telco Sensors are globally recognised as sensors that work where others fail, functioning reliably and relentlessly in the most hostile environments - dirty, dusty and grimy surroundings.

Unparalleled Performance & Reliability

Telco Sensors are distinctive, built on core values of reliability, durability and performance - Telco sensors work where others fail, in the most demanding and harsh environments.

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Telco Sensors Australian Partner

We are passionate about solving applications that others would walk away from, which is why we partnered with Telco Sensors over 25 years ago. Telco Sensors specialise in sensing needs that exceed the ordinary. Corrosive, aggressive and dirty environments such as sawmills, quarries, steel mills, pulp and paper, timber, gyprock, cement, brick and crushing plants.

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Give Us Your Toughest Sensing Application!

With sensors powerful enough to see through almost any contamination, a chunk of mud in its eye won't stop it from seeing an object. Find us your dirtiest and most challenging sensing application and our team of in-house technical experts will solve it for you - we've seen nearly every scenario there is.

Telco Sensors

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Telco's ambition is to solve the toughest sensing applications and this is what drives and inspires them.

Telco Sensors


Penetration Power

Telco's infra-red sensors penetrate through any contamination and will operate relentlessly, even in the most hostile environments.


Immunity to Light

Telco Sensors function problem free even in ambient or extraneous light.



Water Resistance

Telco Sensors are designed to withstand direct exposure to water and high pressure spray, and are capable of operating reliably in wet conditions.



Shock & Vibration Resistance

Telco Sensors can tolerate severe vibrations and physical impact, without affecting lifetime or hindering performance.



Easy Installation

Telco Sensors are easy to align and require no complicated set-ups, which guarantee effortless installation every time.