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The 4B RLI Shaker clutch-less rotary paddle switch is used to detect high / low levels of bulk granular solids in bins, tanks and silos. It can also be used to detect plug conditions in spouts, where long life and fail-safe detection is required. Bi-directional shaking action prevents the build up of material, unaffected by machine vibration. The RLI Shaker uses fewer mechanical parts compared with standard rotary level indicators, making it long lasting. No gearbox or clutch is required as the stepper motor drive is directly coupled to the output shaft and is practically indestructible and cannot be damaged by forced or backwards rotation.

  • Thread (mm): 1"BSPAC
  • Voltage: 110-220DC
  • 24ATEX, 20IECEx: Yes
  • Output Type
  • Output Type
  • Output Function
  • Connection
    Terminal Chamber
  • Level Range
  • Measuring Principle
    Rotary Paddle Indicator
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