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The 4B Roto-Safe Rotary Level Indicator is designed to detect the presence or absence of materials such as chemical chips and powders in silos, bins or hoppers. The detection of material is achieved by a rotating paddle. If material impedes the rotation of the paddle, the motor topples off its axis and triggers a contact. The power supply to the motor is cut and the contact signals that a critical level has been reached, which will cause the motor for any inlet or outlet to close down or start up. When the level of the material reaches normal levels again, the motor returns to its initial position and restarts.

  • High and Low Level Indication
  • Dust Hazard Approved (CSA)
  • Internal Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Power Failure Alarm
  • 14 Foot Vertical Extensions (Maximum). Thread (mm): 1-1/4NPTAC Voltage: 220DC Voltage: 24 Paddles & Shaft Extensions : Various types of paddles are available for different densitys of material extension rods and cables, for various sizes of silos and bins
  • Output Type
  • Output Type
  • Output Function
  • Connection
    Terminal Chamber
  • Level Range
  • Measuring Principle
    Rotary Paddle Indicator
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