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Product Information

Mkey5 Interlock Switches are designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards. They are designed to fit the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards. The actuator is fitted to the moving part of the guard and is aligned to the switch entry aperture.

When the actuator is inserted into the switch the safety contacts close and allow the machine start circuit to be enabled.

  • 2NC+2NO
  • Die-cast housing and spring lock
  • 3 x M20 conduit entries
  • 24V
  • Standard key
  • Contact Configuration
    2NC + 2NO
  • Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Lock Type
    Mechanical Power to Release
  • IP Rating
  • Temp Range
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Connection Type
    4 x M20
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