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Product Information

Magne is an electro-magnetic lock that is designed for industrial applications in harsh environments. As it is designed with no moving parts, it's durable and long lasting. The unit is intended for use in preventing unnecessary process stoppages, it keeps a door locked with a holding force up to 1500 N and magnetic material does not attach to the magnetic surface when the power is off.

Use of M12 connectors makes it easy to connect several Magne units and Eden sensors in series enabling control and monitoring by a Pluto safety PLC or vital.

  • Magnetic lock with indication
  • Electro-magnet with 8-pole M12-contact
  • Anchor plate with permanent magnet
  • Cell rubber Adam (built-in) + Eva (included) door position sensor
  • Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Housing
  • Contact Configuration
    Dynamic Input
  • IP Rating
  • Connection Type
    M12 8 Pin QD
  • Family
  • Lock Type
    Power to Lock
  • Temp Range
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