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Product Information

Vital is the heart of a solution which makes it possible to install/connect many different types of safety devices in the same circuit and still achieve the highest level of safety. Vital is a safety controller with a dynamic circuit.

Why choose Vital?

  • PL e, EN ISO 13849-1
  • Can accommodate long cable lengths
  • Manually supervised or automatic reset
  • Detachable connector blocks
  • LED indication of: power supply, dynamic signal and outputs
  • Information output with two functions

Vital 3 Control Unit
Vital 3 is a safety controller that combines functionality with the quick and easy installation of safety sensors. With 2 safe input functions and 2 different output groups, Vital 3 offers the capability to exclusively control smaller machine safety systems that would otherwise have required a programmable controller or multiple safety relays. Safety module with 1 single channel input for dynamic sensors, and 1 dual channel input for closing switches.

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