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Product Information

The Banner EZ-BEAM S30 Series features EZ-BEAM technology, with specially designed optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments.

  • Completely epoxy-encapsulated for superior durability, even in harsh sensing environments
  • Features 30 mm plastic threaded barrel
  • Available in opposed, polarized retro-reflective and fixed-field sensing modes
  • Uses innovative dual-indicator system to take the guesswork out of monitoring sensor performance
  • Available in models for AC or DC power and bus network compatible connection
  • Includes advanced diagnostics to warn of marginal sensing conditions or output overload (DC models)
  • Sensing Mode
    Diffuse Proximity
  • Output Type
  • Output Function
  • Output Function
  • Connection
    Connector (M12)
  • Light Source
    Infrared LED
  • Sensing Distance
  • Supply Voltage
    10…30 VDC
  • IP Rating
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