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The Banner R58E Series Expert Registration Mark Sensor features three-colour light sources. Red, green, and blue LEDs are evaluated during Teach to optimise application contrast, with the best colour automatically selected by the sensor (the sensing beam colours can also be individually disabled).

The Registration Mark Sensor has outstanding colour contrast sensitivity; detecting 16 levels of grey scale. Smart gain-control algorithms maximize performance in low-contrast or high-gloss applications.

  • Detects the most difficult colour mark contrasts, including 20% yellow on white
  • Features two lens positions and a choice of sensing image orientations
  • Available with a green, blue, red or white LED
  • Offers easy push-button set-up with remote programming capability for R55 Expert models
  • Features 10-element display indicator for easy & fast set-up
  • Input: 10-30 VDC
  • Output: Bipolar; 1 NPN; 1 PNP
  • Parallel 5 pin Euro Pigtail
  • Technology
  • Output Type
  • Output Type
  • Connection
    Connector (M12)
  • Sensing Mode
  • Output Function
  • Output Function
  • Type
    Contrast Sensor
  • Supply Voltage
    10…30 VDC
  • IP Rating
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