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Product Information

Replace time-consuming assembly and complex wired stack lights with bright, modular LED tower lights for highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication. Offering superior flexibility, the Banner TL70 Tower Light is purchased in segments, allowing for easy position changes in the field - fully customise colours and sounds.

  • Click to connect - no internal wiring
  • Bright 70mm LED Tower
  • Display up to 5 colours
  • Modular segments - allows users to build a custom device
  • Fully customise colours & sounds in the field
  • Optional loud audible alarm module - pulsed, chirp, siren or continuous
  • Rugged IP65 housing
  • Type
    Tower Light - Module
  • IP Rating
  • Dimensions
    70mm x 50mm
  • Colour
  • Voltage
    12...30 VDC
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