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Predictive Maintenance Made Easy With Wireless Monitoring Wireless Vibration and Temperature Monitoring is the latest addition to the Banner Wireless family. Monitoring equipment for increases in vibration or temperature can identify problems early, before they become serious issues.

Combined with a Banner Wireless Node and Gateway, the system can be set up to provide local indication, the signal can then be sent to a central location and the vibration and temperature data can be collected by the gateway for trending.

  • Avoid machine failures & delays by detecting problems early
  • Reduce downtime and plan maintenance more efficiently
  • Monitor a variety of machines - motors, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers and gear boxes
  • Mount to motors, compressors, fans, pumps with a variety of options
  • Wiring: Connect one QM42VT1 to one Node with 3 meter cable, 5-pin Euro, male connector
  • Set vibration parameters according to ISO 10816 Vibration Severity Chart
  • Set a temperature threshold up to 80°C
  • Powered by one Node Provides local indication, sends signal to a central location and collects data via the Gateway

Single wire version Vibration Sensor and 3m Cable. Must be paired with a DX80N2Q45VT Vibration & Temperature Node (sold separately).

  • Family
  • Operating Temperature
  • IP Rating
  • Operating Voltage
    3.6...5.5 VDC
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