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The Comadan Tachometer Relay has been designed for a variety of speed monitoring applications. The Tachometer is supplied with universal pulse inputs, which enables the use of different types of sensors. The Tachometer can also deliver the supply voltage to the sensor. The output relay can be selected to release at too high or too low speeds.

  • Tachometer relay NPN/PNP, contact and Namur inputs
  • 3 metering ranges: 10-200 rpm, 100-2000rpm and 1000-20000rpm
  • Relay inversion
  • Selectable latch function
  • 1-pole relay output
  • Adjustable start-up delay and level
  • Sensor Type
    Tacho Relay
  • Operating Voltage
    12...48 VAC
  • Operating Voltage
    115...250 VAC/DC
  • Output
  • Output
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