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The Datalogic PowerScan PM8300 cordless laser scanners are a premium line of rugged industrial handheld data collection products for linear codes. The PowerScan PM8300 is the basic cordless model. The PM8300 readers feature Datalogic's exclusive 3 Green Lights for superior read feedback.

Superior reading performance is enhanced by Datalogic's patented PuzzleSolver technology, for fast and accurate reading of standard, poorly printed and damaged codes.

  • Cordless 433 MHz
  • Standard Range
  • No Display or Keypad
  • Removable Battery

*Requires separate base station: BC8060-433

  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Voltage
    10...30 VDC (or 5VDC POT)
  • Reading Distance
    Contact to 1m
  • Scan Type
  • Readable Codes
    All 1D Codes
  • IP Rating
  • Family
    PowerScan PM8300
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    Dependent on Base Station
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