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Duelco Standstill Monitoring Relay monitors motor stoppages and thus ensures, with the aid of an electric lock, that dangerous motions have completely stopped and that travel to the danger zone is safe. The SSO-10 stop monitor is designed for controlling 1-stage and 3-stages motors and is also applicable to frequency-converter uses*.

The SSO-10 measures the voltage between the phases of two motors using two independent microprocessors. When the motor has received a stop command, the SSO-10 closes the safety contacts only when the voltage has dropped to 0 V, or to put in another way, when the motor has stopped completely. Only after this does the electric lock receive the signal to open. When the motor is started, the safety outputs open. Since the motor's stoppage time is affected by the load, among other things, the SSO-10 is safer and more powerful than, e.g., a safety timer. Also, there is no need for an external rotation probe.

  • Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Output
  • Family
  • Input
    Stand-Still Safety Relay
  • Input Configuration
    Back EMF
  • Output Configuration
  • Timer
    Delay 0-6 Sec
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