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Unitronics UniStream CPU for Panel. Designed to be plugged onto the back of a UniStream HMI Panel. A single UniStream CPU supports up to 2,048 on-board, local and remote I/O's. In addition to on-board ports, a wide variety of communications can be performed via the ports on the attached HMI panel. The UniStream platform comprises a versatile and powerful CPU, a variety of elegant HMI touch-panels, I/O modules and communication modules that are very easy to install and require minimal wiring.

Designed with a highly modular architecture, UniStream enables you to create a compact control device that compromises the exact configuration you require for your application. Select any UniStream HMI panel, add a CPU module, then add I/O and COM modules to fit your requirement.

With the combined capabilities of the Panel and CPU module together, Unistream supports up to 2048 I/O, Ethernet IP, Web server, Send e-mail function, SMS messaging, FTP, GPRS/GSM enabled, Ethernet via TCP/IP, Remote Access via VNC, MODBUS configurator, UniCAN, CAN Layer 2, and CANopen, playback of audio and video files.

  • I/O Expansion
  • Family
  • Built-In I/O
  • Operating Temperature
  • HMI Type
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • Operating Voltage
    via panel
  • IP Rating
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    1x RS485
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