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Product Information

The Unitronics Vision1040 is a powerful PLC with a built-in HMI Operator Panel. On-board I/Os can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC. Snap-in I/O Modules come in several configurations.

Additional I/O Expansion modules enable integrating up to 1000 I/Os per Vision PLC, including Digital, Analog, Temperature and Weight. Autotune PID 24 loops, 2MB Logic, up to 500 Images (32MB), Support for Cellular Communication- SMS, GPRS, Ethernet, Canbus, RS485, MODBUS RTU/IP, CANopen, J1939, SNMP Web Server, send emails & attachments SD Card, Datalogging, Recipes & Cloning Built in Trends, Alarms, & Multilanguage Support.

  • I/O Expansion
  • Operating Voltage
    12/24 VDC
  • Operating Temperature
  • IP Rating
    IP65 (when panel mounted)
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    USB Programm-ing Port
  • HMI Type
  • HMI Type
  • Built-In I/O
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • Family
    Vision Enhanced
  • HMI Type
  • HMI Type
    9 keys
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    2x RS232/ RS485
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