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Product Information

The Unitronics Vision130 is a palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operator Panel. The panel offers a graphic display screen and keypad. This small, powerful device supports up to 256 I/Os (on-board plus expansion modules). A rich range of embedded features include multiple auto-tuned PID loops, internal 120K structured data table, loadcell support, and communication options such as Ethernet, GSM/SMS, MODBUS, CANbus, function blocks that enable Vision to communicate with devices using proprietary COM protocols, plus remote access and data export software utilities. In addition to the standard communication port, the additional options are: Port 2 - serial RS232/485, Ethernet or ProfibusDP Slave. Port 3 - CANbus. Supported communication protocols include ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP, DF1, CANOpen, ProfibusDP.

  • I/O Expansion
  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Built-In I/O
    2 AI
  • Built-In I/O
    8 RO
  • IP Rating
    IP65/66 (when panel mounted)
  • Family
    Vision Enhanced
  • HMI Type
  • HMI Type
    128x64 Mono LCD
  • HMI Type
    20 keys
  • Built-In I/O
    20 DI (3 HSI)
  • Built-In I/O
    4 TO (4 HSO)
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    1x RS232/ RS485
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