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Weintek CloudHMI (Human Machine Interface): Monitor the status of multiple machines at the same time. The cMT-SVR-100 operates as a server for remote HMI devices, allowing HMI screens to be viewed on an iPad or the cMT-iV5 Ethernet panel.

  • Dual-port 1000 BASE-T Ethernet
  • Supports E-mail
  • Compact Design and DIN-rail Mountable
  • Built-in 256MB Flash Memory
  • SD Card Slot for Extension of Storage
  • Fan-less Cooling System
  • Power Isolator Inside
  • Supports numerous PLC protocols
  • Family
  • Operating Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    USB (host)
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • Memory Expansion
    SD Card
  • Operating Temperature
  • IP Rating
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    Ethernet Gigabit x2
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