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Product Information

Weintek Colour LCD HMI with a large, bright display. Extract valuable data from inside the machine and show operators and maintenance technicians what is really happening. Simplify machine set-up and operation with interactive instructions and prompting. Reduce cost and effort to make changes and improvements to operator controls.

  • LED backlight
  • Powerful Cortex A8 32-Bit RISC 600MHz processor
  • Ultra slim design
  • Built-in 128MB Flash and 128MB RAM
  • PCB coating process to resist corrosion, providing high reliability in harsh environments
  • COM1 / COM3 RS485 dual isolation design ensures reliable operation in complex grounding application [RS485]
  • Built-in isolated RS-485
  • Fan-less cooling system
  • NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel
  • More than 250 drivers to connect with various controllers
  • Operating Voltage
    24 VDC
  • Operating Temperature
  • IP Rating
    IP65 (when panel mounted)
  • Memory Expansion
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    USB (host)
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
  • HMI Type
  • HMI Type
    Colour LCD
  • HMI Type
  • HMI Type
  • Family
  • Built-in Comms Interfaces
    Ethernet 10/100 x1
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