Automation Software - OPC Server and I/O Library


The freely downloadable Moxa automation software package includes two software programs: OPC Server UA/DA Suite and I/O Library. 
Working with ioLogik series remote I/O products, both solutions leverage the power of the patented "Active" communications technology from Moxa, which maximizes the efficiency of the data collection from the remote ioLogik I/O devices, delivering a faster response, bandwidth savings, and internet access. 
Moxa Active OPC Server is a middleware solution that seamlessly connects the ioLogik remote I/O products to the SCADA system for remote monitoring, and the DA-Center converts the field data for ODBC-compliant IT databases.

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Our Products

OPC Server UA/DA Suite

  • MX-AOPC UA Suite
          A cohesive, secure, and reliable connection between device, database, and SCADA
  • Active OPC Server
          Seamlessly connect ioLogik/ioPAC to your SCADA system
  • DA-Center
          Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases

Automation Software I/O library

  • MXIO Library
          For handy management of I/O devices